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Tonkinese Cats

  To say these cats have colorful personalities would be an understatement! Tonkinese cats are immensely people orientated- they adore those they live with and will entertain you and whoever enters your house. They are very intelligent and love playing games. They have been said to be a mixture of a small acrobatic monkey and an excited puppy rolled together into one very interesting cat. Tonks are very good at jumping and climbing and are also are also very curious- this combination means that nothing in your house is safe!

Tonks are purely indoor cats so it is very important prior to bringing one into your home to make sure it is completely secure. Providing a scratching post, toys and a cat tree will ensure they do not become bored and will serve as a source of amusement for your cat when you are too busy to provide the Tonk with your undivided attention which it so desires.

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