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Persian Cats

  The Persian cat is and has for many years been the top cat in the popularity stakes - and with it's affectionate, laid back, sweet nature it is easy to see why. Persian cats are thought to originate from Persia (now Iran) and although they have been around since about the 16th century, their popularity began in about 1871.

Persian cats have beautiful, expressive large eyes and long silky fur which comes in almost every different shade. Although heavy boned and broad, Persian cats are surprisingly agile and although not boisterous or particularly energetic they are very playful in their own ways. They are a good pet for any type of household.

However, their beautiful long fur does need grooming every day and they also need occasional bathing as the short very soft coat underneath the top coat of long fur will matt particularly easily.

Loyal and affectionate, Persians make delightful pets and will stay the most popular cat for many years to come.

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