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Oriental Cats

  These cats are a relatively modern arrival in the cat world, being introduced only in the 1950s. They come in two varieties of either shorthair or longhair.

The eyes of an Oriental are almost almond shaped and are usually green but sometimes blue or mixed. In their looks they are very similar to Siamese cats but Orientals do not have points on their fur as the Siamese do. Orientals come in over 300 varieties of color and from white to ebony to parti-color to tabby there really is an Oriental cat to suit every taste.

Oriental cats need lots and lots of attention and to say they love people would be an understatement! They adore being around their owners and feel they need to be very much involved with whatever it is you are doing. If you're reading a book they want to help turn the page, if you're at your computer they will help you type and if you are at the refrigerator they seem to feel they need to help you decide what it is you want to eat! They purr and nuzzle you, constantly in need of your attention.

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