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Exotic Cats

  Exotic cats are a cross between American Shorthairs and Persians. They look very similar to their Persian ancestors but do not have their high maintenance long fur coat. Exotic's thick, dense, soft coat is unlike the Persians which requires daily grooming and needs only weekly brushing to remove hairballs and prevent it getting matted.

They are affectionate, easy going, gentle cats who love to play and, as they mature later than most cats, they maintain their kitten-like playfulness into adulthood.

Because of their thick fur and round short 'cobby' body it is often said that Exotics look like a teddy bear.

Exotics are sweet and quiet. They love human companionship and are very loyal. They would make a perfect pet for any one who loves the large beautiful eyes and sweet nature of the Persian but who does not have the time for their daily combing needs.

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