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Birman Cats

The Birman's modern journey is almost as mysterious. It is believed by most that two Birman cats were smuggled away from Burma to be shipped to France in about 1920. The male cat did not survive the difficult journey but the female cat- Sita- did and was pregnant. It is from this one cat and her kittens that the Birman cats have been established in the western world.

Birmans are large cats with long, elegant bodies. Their beautiful fur is generally of a golden hue and though it is almost as long as that of the Persian's it does not mat and therefore does not need too much grooming. Like the fur of the Siamese, these cats have points of blue, chocolate, lilac and seal. All four paws are white- the front two have socks and the back two laces- in show cats they are ideally identical. These features coupled with their sweet blue eyes mean they attract a lot of attention!

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