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Birman Cats

  Legend shrouds the origins of this mysterious cat and no one really knows its true history. It is said however, that Birmans originally came from Burma and were the sacred cats and companions of the Kittah priests. The cats had pure white fur and yellow eyes.

Sinh was the head priest Mun-ha's cat and was especially beautiful. One day the temple was attacked and as Mun-ha was dying, Sinh leapt upon her masters head and at that moment a miracle occurred. The fur which was once pure white became misted with gold and the yellow eyes turned as blue as those of their sacred goddess Tsun-Kyan-Kse. Only the paws of Sinh that rested upon Mun-ha's head remained white. Sinh stared straight at the temple doors and all the priests rushed to close them, so preventing the temple being overtaken. Seven days later Sinh died taking the soul of Mun-ha up to the Gods. After this, all of the sacred cats of the Kittah priests turned the same golden co lour and it was believed that only when the cat died did the soul of the priest go up to heaven.

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