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American Shorthair Cats

  It is thought that the American shorthair came over on the Mayflower where they were prized for their mouse and rat hunting skills. They still possess these skills but they are now more valued for their beauty, even-temper and also for the fact that they are one of the only cats native to American.

These cats were originally known as the domestic shorthair but their name was changed to American shorthair in 1966. The American shorthair may have a lot of respect now as a breed but it was not always so and it took a long time for American shorthairs to gain the respect they deservedly have today. The change in attitude has a lot to do with the change in name.

Their fur is short and silky and comes in more than 100 different colors. Because of their origins as a working cat, American shorthairs do look like they'd be able to look after themselves- take for instance their oblong heads and well balanced bodies. However these days American shorthairs are for more interested in sitting in their owners laps being stroked than going out hunting or having to look after themselves!

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