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Although it has been been said that a dog is mans best friend, this site may change your mind. A cat can be a faithful, affectionate friend and each breed has its own unique, delightful characteristics.

On this site we have collected information on Americas top ten cats. In these pages you will find the origins of each cat, where they came from and how they came to exist in America. There is also information on what each cat looks like as well as facts about each breeds own individual personalities.

Cats can be very independent beings but they still need your love, care and attention. Here we give advise about basic cat care such as grooming and bathing. You will also find information on a cats elementary needs to make it comfortable and happy.

When you have decided on the breed of cat that you believe will suit you, be sure to check with the cat breeder who is supplying it, that it is likely to be suited to your lifestyle. Be sure that the temperament and attributes of the particular breed are suitable for you both to lead a contented life together.

We hope that this site will help you find the purrfect cat for you. From the stunning and sweet Persian cat to the all American American Shorthair, there really is a breed of cat to suit every personality and family life. A cat can be the perfect addition to your home and to your heart and we are hope that you will find your dream cat here.

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